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  1. Texas Resilience Paradigm Program

    The Texas Resilience Paradigm Program recordings is an evening and a day seminar by Keith Blevens given to a group of healthcare professionals in Texas. There are 5 hours and 26 minutes of recordings, in 5 parts, and are fully subtitled in English. Audio MP3s are also downloadable.

    • the healthcare professionals had no prior knowledge of the Three Principles or the Three Principles Paradigm. Yet, they discovered the simplicity of what resilience is in such a short time.
    • Keith not using any Three Principles language. He stayed with the word resilience and made it accessible to a much wider audience than previously thought possible.
    • a moment in the recording, so tender, when a person who had only a few months left to live, realised that it wasn’t the condition that was causing their experience, it could only ever be their thinking about the condition.
    For anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of resilience, and become clearer in seeing what it is and what it isn't.
    £35 GBP (~ $45 USD)
    (VAT may be added)
  2. 3Ps Taught as a Paradigm; From the Beginning

    A 5-part webinar series with Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe which focuses on how to teach the Three Principles as a Paradigm.

    Each webinar lasts an about hour. Includes downloadable MP3s.

    Webinar topics:
    1. "Getting the Principles back as Whole Principles and not splitting them."
    2. "Going Beyond the Thinking You Already Know."
    3. "Having Outside-In Thinking fall away because it doesn't work that way, and having your Mind getting quieter as a result."
    4. "A Bigger Feeling of GodMind."
    5. "Gratitude Towards this Exquisite Paradigm."
    This webinar series was designed for those who are familiar with the Three Principles already and wish to learn more specifically about the logic and wisdom of teaching the Three Principles as a a Paradigm.

    £75 GBP (~ $96 USD)
    (VAT may be added)
  3. The Transformational Power of the 3 Principles Paradigm

    A powerful 3-day seminar which took place in London, May 2016. Includes follow-up classes going into the depth of the Three Principles Paradigm and its power to transform individuals regardless of their circumstances and past.

    There are over 17 hours of footage and downloadable MP3s are available.

    In the seminar, you will discover:
    • The inseparable nature of the Thought-Feeling connection
    • What resilience is, in the face of any personal, relationship, or business challenges(s)
    • The Implications of the Three Principles Paradigm
    • Seeing how the subtraction of outside-in misunderstanding enables us to live a life of more understanding with deeper feelings of love and compassion

    This is suitable for anyone as it was intended to be understood without any prior knowledge of the Three Principles Paradigm.

    £197 GBP (~ $257 USD)
    (VAT may be added)
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